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My Philosophy of Teaching

My Philosophy of Teaching Philosophy is defined in the dictionary as the study of truth or principles of all real knowledge as well as a calm and reasonable attitude; calmness. It is also defined as a system for guiding life. Finally my dictionary simply states it is from the Greek, philosophia – love of wisdom. […]

Work Ethic

Work Ethics! In the mid 1980’s a young man enrolled in my acting classes.  He was 18, very good looking, and eager.  He wanted to be, not just any actor, but an exceptional actor, and a working actor to boot.  He would settle for nothing less.  He could have gone to college.  He grades were […]

What a Character!

What a Character! What is my job as an actor? It is to live the life of a character truthfully and honestly. If I’m to live the life of a character truthfully and honestly how do I get rid of me? You don’t. In the 600+ years since Hamlet was written it has never been […]