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Just imagine…   “Actors, their greatest tool, their greatest resource is imagination.” -Nicolas Cage   When I was a child I imagined I was Robin Hood. I would pretend to fight the Sheriff of Sherwood Forest. I would use a makeshift stick as a bow and another stick as an arrow. With other children from […]


It’s just commonsense!   If you had to ask me what is the most important acting tool of a personal nature I can bring to the craft of acting I would say without hesitation my five senses.   I was born with, and am grateful to have accessible to me, all of my five senses […]

An Acting Lesson

An Acting Lesson   At its very basic whether acting in a play, movie, or television show, a performance consist of three requirements.   Objective – Your character wants something.   Obstacle – Something is preventing your character from achieving the objective.   Action to overcome – Whatever the character needs to do to eliminate […]

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect   Agents receive a minimum of 350 pictures a week. Casting Directors the same unless they are casting a project then the total could be a thousand or more. What is going to make these business savvy professionals stop as they flip through these hundreds of photos and consider your picture? (All this […]

Script Analysis

Why Script Analysis? “The script, I always believe, is the foundation of everything.” Ewan McGregor   Several years ago I had the privilege of lecturing a room filled with aspiring young playwrights and screenwriters. My task was to educate them in the process actors used to approach their material. They were surprised that professional actors […]

Work Ethic

Work Ethics! In the mid 1980’s a young man enrolled in my acting classes.  He was 18, very good looking, and eager.  He wanted to be, not just any actor, but an exceptional actor, and a working actor to boot.  He would settle for nothing less.  He could have gone to college.  He grades were […]

What a Character!

What a Character! What is my job as an actor? It is to live the life of a character truthfully and honestly. If I’m to live the life of a character truthfully and honestly how do I get rid of me? You don’t. In the 600+ years since Hamlet was written it has never been […]

A Letter to Parents…

Iʼm aware that many parents of aspiring young talents read these articles hoping to become better informed about the professions their offsprings are interested in pursuing. This article is for the parents of young people interested in show business as a career.   Dear Parent,   I understand many of you have severe trepidations when […]

Do You have What It Takes?

  Do you have what it takes to make it in show business?   All of you who desire an acting career I wish you happiness and success.   But!!!   Do you have what it takes?   The profession of acting is a full time job. If you treat it as a hobby, it […]