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My Philosophy of Teaching

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My Philosophy of Teaching

Philosophy is defined in the dictionary as the study of truth or principles of all real knowledge as well as a calm and reasonable attitude; calmness. It is also defined as a system for guiding life. Finally my dictionary simply states it is from the Greek, philosophia – love of wisdom.

It’s all about the actor!

My goal is to develop actors who comprehend and put to use all the particulars of the craft of acting. This means building a solid foundation. Freeing the actor emotional instrument. Encouraging an intellectual growth. Preparing actors to perform their craft effortlessly, freely, and fully. Working with great clarity, as well as with physical, emotional, intellectual, and sexual energy.

There is one craft of acting with many approaches to that craft. By learning many of these approaches the actor will be guaranteed the best development of their potential which means becoming the actor they were meant to be. (It is important to note there is no craft difference between stage, film, or television acting. There is simply an adjustment that is made for each medium.)

I want integrity to be the actors number one priority. It is important actors grasps that they are participating in a true art form. I want the seasoned actor to be reminded of this as we sometimes forget its importance. All art expects it’s participants to be 110% committed – to always work at their highest potential.

As for the beginning actors it is important to build a strong craft foundation at the very beginning of their studies. To use an analogy, you can imagine your career as a bungalow or a mansion. If your career dreams are equal to that of the mansion the necessity of a strong and powerful foundation is easily understood. The bigger the dream the stronger the foundation.

My classes are about the individual actor. It is their growth that concerns me. It is the actors individual potential that is important and my job to make their potential a reality.

Adam Hill

“I am better today than I was yesterday, and am confident I will be even better tomorrow.”


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