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Self Image

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Are you enough?

The answer is, of course you are.

Are you enough to make your dreams come true? The answer is, of course you are.


Wait a minute. If I am a six foot, 300 pound man, can I become a jockey in a horse race? If I am a four foot ten, one hundred and thirty pound woman, can I be a runway model?


The answer is, of course you canʼt.


There are, and will continue to be, rules made by whoever, which will prevent you from participating in many areas. This has nothing to do with self image. You will always be your best, at what ever you choose to do, simply by doing whatever is necessary to make that happen. A healthy self image recognizes that truth. When the great Bette Davis was asked if she ever went to a psychiatrist she responded, “I almost went three times, almost. Then I decided what made me peculiar would make me a success.”


Consciously or unconsciously we surround ourselves with people who daily affect our self image. Who is close and near to you, friends – family. What are their views on life and success? You will find your views will be similar, if not identical.


When I was in High School every weekend I would go into New York City and buy a standing room ticket to a Broadway show. During the intermission I would talk to the other standees about theatre and the latest shows. The air was always electric. We all had a similar interest. Most of my classmates were at the schools sports events. At the same moment I was at my show they were speaking enthusiastically about the game they were watching.


Doesnʼt it seem logical that if you wished to become a success in any chosen profession you would associate with those who were on a path to success and believed in success as not only a possibility, but a fact. To avoid the people who insist that your goals and dreams are unattainable because somehow you donʼt have what it takes. A student recently shared with me the pain he felt because his mother keeps telling him that he doesnʼt have what it takes to be a successful actor. “There are too many people out there who are more talented than you are.” If a friend made that comment, well, you can always change friends, but a mother? Not so easy. Family support is important. If you donʼt have it surround yourself out side of family with those who believe in themselves and you.


Too many actors get together to complain about their careers, the state of the business, how much they hate their bread and butter jobs. If you donʼt believe this drains you of a positive self image you are greatly mistaken. Make new friends. This idea that opposites attract is nonsense. Its people of like mind that attract each other. If you find all yours friends wallowing in gloom and doom know that it was you who attracted them into your life. Change how you think about yourself and begin to seek those who are actively pursuing a career and not complaining about it.


When you do what is necessary on a daily basis to obtain success you will find others with healthy self images beginning to enter your life.


One final note: In my book, “Beyond the Moon, An Actors Manual,” I write the following in the very first chapter. “Every actor, no matter his or her educational level, their work experience, or how their careers appear to be progressing, must name themselves ʻActors.ʼ This is easy and justifiable when we recognize all actors to be ʻworks in progress.ʼ It isnʼt any bodies business why you choose your profession. Itʼs only about what you think and believe. State proudly that you are an actor, then do everything necessary to make it a daily reality.


Good old reliable Abe Lincoln said it best. “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”


Know who you are and that you can.

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