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Tools and Resources

for actors & students

To enjoy success as an actor requires a consistent advancement in both your craft and business knowledge. You must strive to be better today than you were yesterday, better tomorrow than you were today.
The process is simple, education. Practical study, learning from the experiences of others, and daily workouts to stretch your creative instrument. Developing a personal philosophy that propels you into making those advancements. Acquiring a work ethic that will challenge all obstacles that may appear to be hindering your growth.
No matter where you are in your journey, if you know there is still further to go (and there always is) you owe it to yourself to continue to study.
Perhaps, the message in Stages and Beyond the Moon will merely serve to remind you of the fundamentals you may have relinquished. Allowing the ideas to rekindle the fire of adventure and love you felt so strongly when you first approached your dream of becoming an actor. Perhaps it may give you the thrust you need to move beyond your current level of success into the next step towards your goals.
If you are a beginning actor these ideas are invaluable. Both Stages and Beyond the Moon were designed to give you a positive approach to a career. They will enable you to be in charge of your own destiny.
Our mission: To ensure all actors have every opportunity to develop and express their unique talent.


Whatever your experience, whatever obstacles you may perceive in your path, we challenge you to take action, to do whatever it takes to allow your dreams to become realities.


Moon2The mountain climber, in order to reach the summit, must do his research, get his physical, intellectual, psychological instrument ready, surround himself with supportive people, and focus his concentration. In other words, he does whatʼs necessary. Then all he needs to do is start climbing. If he persists, no matter how difficult, he will reach the summit. If a snow storm prevents him from continuing he will wait the storm out or begin again another day. If he gives up, he has made a conscious decision that it just wasnʼt important enough. At least he knows he gave it 100%. There can be no regrets. Donʼt wake up late in life with the ʻIf only I had…ʼ blues. Go for it! If it can be the other guy, it can be you.


– Excerpt from Adam Hillʼs “Beyond the Moon”