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Beyond The Moon & You Got the Job

Acting and Business Manuals

Beyond The Moon

An Acting Manual
By Adam Hill


Beyond the Moon, by Adam Hill, is a must have for any serious actor. This book covers the fundamentals of the craft of acting in a straight-forward, conversational and complete manner. The beginning actor (and/or their parents) will find a clear understanding of the work an actor must do to enjoy success and growth as an artist.

You Got The Job

An Acting Manual
By Adam Hill


This book, You Got the Job (And What YOU Did to Get It), covers the business side of show business for the actor aspiring to succeed as a professional. The advanced actor will discover a renewed passion for their craft and business, and a reminder of the fundamentals.


Excerpt from the opening Chapter of “Beyond the Moon.”
Who am I? I am an Actor!

It might appear unwise of a beginning student in the craft of acting to announce he/she is an “actor.” Indeed some actors who have spent a lifetime pursuing a craft may find it downright offensive. However, if you donʼt assert who you are, how committed will you be in perfecting a craft?


There are those who consider the profession of acting insignificant, even frivolous. These people, many whom are educated and should know better, can make those who pursue a career feel uncomfortable, to say the least. Donʼt allow anyone to minimize your chosen profession. More importantly, donʼt let them degrade your identity. If you do, you will be allowing them to diminish your dreams.


You will be most vulnerable to negative comments when you are inactive. Doug Savant, a very successful working actor, (one of the stars of Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives), said one of the most important lessons he learned was Acting is an eight hour a day job. He was not referring to performing hours. It was the daily work habits of his craft, i.e. mailings, taking classes, reading plays, working on characters, fine tuning his voice and body – the all encompassing work of an actor.

Iʼm never actually expecting success, but it doesnʼt surprise me when it comes, because I know how much work I put into what I do. And I have to in order to complete the fantasy of my life, which is to work at the highest level in the art form that Iʼve chosen to work in.
Russell Crowe-

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